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International link building is a key element of any SEO operation. By ensuring your website is linked to from a wide variety of different websites, you are signalling to search engines that your website is both important and reliable – which means they’re more likely to direct customers to you! Link building is a key part of your business success, and Ompro can help accomplish this in Belgium and the Netherlands and abroad!

French link building

One of the key markets to corner in terms of international link building is the French one; with about 220 million French speakers and millions of websites worldwide, your business will benefit from additional visibility from French search machines through French link building with Ompro.

As with all languages, it is important to bear in mind that it does not simply matter how many websites your business receives links from, but also the quality of these websites – very new, unreliable and spam-filled pages will count for less than informative, reliable sites!

German linkbuilding

Another key market is Germany; many German users use as many German-language websites as they do international ones, and since search machines function differently in every geographic area, Ompro’s German link building can really benefit your business!

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As with many non-English language SEO operations, however, it is important to bear in mind that SEO tends to be a few years behind in German-speaking areas still. For this reason, it is best to use native speakers to manage your German-language SEO – they will know which links will benefit your company the most.

Spanish link building

Spanish is spoken in Spain, as well as throughout large parts of Central and South America – it’s a key language for all your international link building needs! Once again, you will need to look into a specialised SEO firm such as Ompro to deal with Spanish link building for your business.

Since Spanish is so widely spoken, in this regard social sharing also becomes an extra important element in terms of link building – especially since social media has really taken off over the course of the last few years. Facebook clicks, likes and shares can help you gain valued customers!

Dutch link building

Finally, while Dutch is not as widely spoken as French, German or Spanish, your business can also benefit strongly from Dutch link building. Less speakers also means less competition – you can really gain some important customers in the relatively small, but wealthy and thriving market of Belgium and the Netherlands!

Ompro, with its ten years of experience and countless happy SEO customers, can help you with all the different elements of a Dutch or international link building campaign. The native speakers from Ompro will help you gain links from reliable, informative websites as well as social media, so your popularity with search engines and customers grows day by day. Ompro makes international link building easy!

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